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Love Notes

Hi Joyce,

This email is long overdue but we just wanted to let you know that Martin is doing absolutely fantastic! We are addicted to him – he’s such a sweet and cuddly little boy….and so good too!!!. He sleeps in his crate in our bathroom and the first night he cried for about 5 minutes and then fell fast asleep through the night. The second night he cried for all of 2 minutes and then fell asleep through the night. And then last night, we took him out for his first walk on his leash (around the block  and he did so well!!! We walked in the door afterwards, he went potty on his newspaper, then he walked into the bathroom, crawled into his crate and went to sleep for the night…BY HIMSELF. We were in shock.

He loves to fetch his rope and even brings it right back. He LOVES toes and pants so we’ve been trying to train him not to nibble and he’s a great listener. We have a large area rug and hard wood floors so his new thing is running circles around the room, gaining speed on the carpeting and then sliding and often tripping on the hard wood floors as he’s rounding the corners…he’s so funny J. Here are a couple of photos and I will send you more every so often. We couldn’t be happier and thank you so much for brining him into our lives!

Hi Joyce – Charlie is such a love. We are having so much fun with him. He’s adjusted well. Seems to be on the same schedule he was with you. Gets up at 1:30am to pee and then wakes up again around 4:30. We’ve had him go back until 6:30 though. He’s cooperated.

He has been grazing a bit with his meals. I know I have to get tough and pull the food away after 15 minutes or so, but I’m giving him some adjustment time. It’s all new here. The housebreaking is going well so far. Only a couple of accidents. Fortunately, the weather has been good so I have him outside often which helps.


Hi Joyce,On Monday he will meet Sammy (Milo) his half brother. It will be fun to see them together. All of us are in love with the little guy. It’s all we talk about.

Please leave a message next time. I’ll call back. It would be great to chat.

It must be hard to see your babies go. I can’t wait to see your next litter grow up.

Thanks again – Diane Hello Joyce,Thank you for your advice. I am planning on coming home from work early tomorrow and I have taken off on Monday. That will allow me 4 days to work with him consistently and then hopefully I can “train” the rest of my family to follow what I am doing with him. He is very smart and such a good boy that I think he will be able to be potty trained quickly. Hopefully in the next 4-6 weeks but he is still a puppy and I understand that there may still be accidents. I am committed to it and now John is as well. Thank you for talking to him.

We are having so much fun with him. He loves running and playing with the children. He is sleeping through the night. Last night I put him in his crate at 9:30 and got him up at 6 am. He went outside with me went to the bathroom. Fortunately he is making all of his poops outside. Just like you said, he goes not long after eating. He pees on the paper when his is in the playpen area but has peed on the carpet in the kitchen with both John and the babysitter. I think they know what to do now.

Thank you again. Pam



“Hi Joyce, I wanted to give you an update of Valentino. He is 15 lbs 4 oz and is doing so well. He is all housebroken and is just a pleasure to our family. He is very smart and has learned a lot from his trainer. He has his wild times during the day but that is to be expected from a puppy. It is so much fun watching him explore new things. Thank you so much for the excellent job you did with him, my Vet said you can tell that my dog came from a good and caring breeder.

Mary posted on Facebook



Hi.Joyce,Percy is doing great.He seems to be happy, strong, and healthy.We all love him very much. He is great company while I’m working at home each day.He has adjusted to our home very well and we do have a schedule that he seems to like.Still working on the potty training.

He has had a few play dates with his cousin Sidney. They seem to enjoy playing together.I’m waiting until he has had all his shots before I allow him to play with other dogs.

Attached is a recent picture.

Henry Schaumburger





Hi Joyce-


I hope you’ve had a good week. It’s been an adventuresome one for us! Carter’s name has evolved into Charlie (after the Charles River..a therapeutic place for me). Though I rented the movie Bucket List (Jack Nicholas/Morgan Freeman’s character named Carter…very special guy;) and wanted to keep Carter but was out-voted by my family (who has only met him via skype). We finally configured this old computer to play videos in order to watch “People Training for Dogs”. It makes sense and helps to be reminded of “why” this discipline is so necessary (plus I think he likes hearing it).

He is really smart, and most is most definitely keeping me on my toes. He’s fantastic with the crate at night…he’ll paw the door in the middle of the night, I take him out and carry him to his “news paper” in the kitchen where he circles & goes then back in the crate (even though I wanna snuggle with him in my bed).

He had his shots, de-worm, and frontline yesterday. The Vet suggested 1 more round in 4 weeks b/c he may have been immune to the first round. He was such a good pup for the vet and so brave!

We’ve exhausted each other spending hours outside both today and yesterday…both days when we got home around 6:30 we fell asleep immediately! Yesterday we walked the Charles (w/ intermittent naps in my sweatshirt) for miles and today we went to the Common. He stops all kinds of dog lovers in their tracks and receives much love and admiration! Realized today he’s (playful) nipping people a bit, which he doesn’t do to me (he has, but a stern NO and I turn my back to him seems to work). Any suggestions for this? I want to socialize him but don’t want to create bad habits while doing so.


I have many, many more photos for you but don’t think I can attach much more than this via e-mail & haven’t been on facebook. We thank you again for all the love and nurturing start you’ve provided..big shoes to fill and I trying my best but still have lots to learn;)


Much Love,

Lauren & Charlie-Carter



Hi Joyce,


It’s going well. We love him sooo much!!

He sleeps in the crate well – all night long… knows to go on the papers if we miss taking him out in time. Just the nipping is problem early in the morning when he wakes, and after dinner. We try re-directing with toys or a little time out. Did great on his vet visit. Poor guy had a deer tick stuck in his head next day after his distemper shot (just from our backyard – hearing too many ticks this season). We couldn’t get it out. Vet removed it. We applied the frontiline. May need to be tested when he goes back for his next visit in a few weeks and then get the tick vaccine.

He sends his love as I know he was well adjusted thanks to all your work.


Susan Hogan


Hi Joyce,Sleeping through the night – wants to play quite but I put her in the crate at 9pm and whimpered for 20 minutes then fell asleep until 6am. Some accidents in the house but that is to be expected. We only give her “treats” when she potties outside. I’m actually heading back to the house now to take her out.

Michael Quinlan

Hi Joyce,Everything is going well. We are definitely getting into a routine with Rocky. He is an absolute doll and truly loves us as much as we love him J

The one problem we are continuously having with little Rocky is that he’ll go out first thing in the morning and pee/poop, but throughout the day, when we bring him to the same area to do his thing, he just runs around playing and won’t go to the bathroom. Instead, he waits at the door to go back inside and then pees on the pad and goes into the other room and poops on the floor. We can seem to break him of this pattern. Any suggestions?

He’s such a love though. We just gave him his second bath (with the Johnson & Johnson Calming Lavender Shampoo of course ; ) and he is nice and clean and fluffy again J We have taken sooooo many pictures too, which we will send along shortly. I just haven’t had a second to upload them onto my computer. He is still eating twice a day and is up to a little more than a ¼ cup 2x per day. He loves his “play time” in the morning and afternoons and he is so excited to see us . . . always!!! He always greets us with a wagging tail and kisses J He goes for his first vet appointment (with us) this coming Saturday for his 3rd set of shots, feces specimen test will be done just to be sure he doesn’t have any worms, his second Frontline application, etc.

Thanks so much for checking in Joyce! I have been thinking of you and have been meaning to call/email with an update on Rocky, so thanks for beating me to it!

Take good care and I’ll be in touch soon!

Warmest regards,


Hi Joyce, just to let you know that they are dreams. wonderful. they are easy, sweet, funny and total lovable and adorable. they have captured our hearts. thanks so much! now let see if we can house train them and we will be all set. Went to toys r us and bought that play yard thing and it works great! Thanks Liz



Hi Joyce,

He is doing well accept we are having a hard time with the routine……especially as it relates to going to the bathroom. During the week he needs to be in his playpen for up to 8 hours (usually one of us can get home in the middle of the day to let him out for about 1/2 hour but not always) so I have papers in the playpen which he uses. The problem is I can’t seem to get him to go to the bathroom outside consistently. He is in his crate every night, no accidents.

For example, for the last few mornings I have taken him directly outside from his crate in the morning to go potty. He usually pees I think (yesterday it was 5:15am! and it was dark so a little hard to tell whether he went but I think he did). We are out there for at least 30 minutes and he doesn’t poop. As soon as I bring him in he does though… Yesterday I did not put papers down first thing in the morning hoping he would whine or something when he wanted to be taken out again to poop. He just waited until I was out of site for a minute and pooped on the rug…:). Today I had to put the papers down because I had to leave for work, and again, once I brought him in he almost immediately pooped on the papers.

Any suggestions? The vet said take the papers away inside all together because they confuse him but… not sure about that when we are not home. Otherwise he is TOTALLY adorable. Even my husband who was a little hesitant to get a dog is totally won over. He is smart, playful, and very affectionate. All of the girls at the vet loved him too and he didn’t even cry when he got his 2 shots!

He can’t do stairs yet and also can’t get on or off the couch by himself but plays until he drops! We love him a lot!

Susan Robichau



Hi Joyce,
He is doing great!He pretty much always goes outside — I’ve been staying on top of that He has learned how to go up steps, but still is tentative going down.He doesn’t like baths much, but is getting better.He will go for his first grooming on June 1.Then the next week he goes for neutering. He has been to three puppy classes and is doing well. I take him pretty much everywhere with me.He loves to ride in the car.He loves chewing on bones. And he is broken-hearted if I leave him alone in a room. The trainer said that he is a real “mama’s boy”. When I go to my daughter’s house, he can run free because they have a fenced in yard.He LOVES that.When we’ve been out there for the day, he sleeps most of the next day.He exhausts himself running with my 2 1/2 year old grandson. Matt’s twin sister, Nora, isn’t so sure about Brinkley and the two of them spend time looking at each other. This week I’m staying at my son’s house to watch my two grandsons so my son and daughter-in-law could take a week’s vacation (to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary).They have a Golden Retriever and Brinkley chases Bailey until both are worn out. Right now both are sleeping at my feet.
He has been to the vets twice for his check ups/shots and she said he is doing well. He weighs 10.7 pounds — or did a week ago when he was at the vets.
Brinkley is a little shy around people until he gets to know them and then he is fine. People always stop me and say how cute he is. 
Brinkley has done well in his crate. He was fine the first night but the second he whined. I finally realized that he was unhappy at the foot of my bed and as soon as I put the crate beside me, he was fine. I also changed his schedule so that he doesn’t go into the crate until I go to bed.From 7:30 to 10:30 he sleeps in a little bed beside my chair.Then we go out one last time and then to bed.He sleeps until 5:30 when he wants to go out.When we come back in, I sleep in my chair until 7:30 and he plays quietly with his bone or toys and then comes and gets in my lap and sleeps.It is working out well.
i have a wire crate downstairs that I put him in when I have to go out.He does fine in both. Is the crate you gave me big enough for him when he grows or should I get a larger one?I’d say he is one very happy (and somewhat spoiled) pup!
I’ll give him a hug for you when he wakes up.

Hi Sandy, how is the little boy doing ???Are you getting into a routine ??? hugs to him from me XXOO

Joyce He had a great first day.Went outside every time.Ate well.I put him to bed at 6;45 and he slept the night. Not a peep from him.

He had one accident today but that was my fault. I was on the phone with Verizon and the call took longer than expected.


Gina Marie

Joyce - he is the perfect gentleman! I love him so much and my parents call me in the morning and ask. “Where’s our puppy?!” He LOVES the beach – just runs in circles when he hits the sand on the Harbor side! Thank you for preparing him for his new owner. I can tell he was well trained while wi

Hi.Percy is doing great. He seems to be happy, strong, and healthy. We all love him very much.He is great company while I’m working at home each day.He has adjusted to our home very well and we do have a schedule that he seems to like Still working on the potty training.

He has had a few play dates with his cousin Sidney. They seem to enjoy playing together.I’m waiting until he has had all his shots before I allow him to play with other dogs.

Attached is a recent picture.


He’s amazing!!! Gave him hugs and kisses for you;) you really gave him a terrific start, does quite well w his routine. He snubbed the rice I made him last night, promising sign of his intelligence as I’m not a great cook:) we think of you often and have lots of pictures to post online..                                                                                                                                       A

“He’s a good boy. House training is still a challenge, but I think that has more to do with our consistency and diligence than anything else. He’s such a little character. We took him to the Memorial Day Parade in our town today and he was super — walking nicely on his leash, friendly and confident with all the new people, places and dogs. Lots of people stopped to admire him and he greeted them with wiggles and kisses. He is a constant source of entertainment to say the least!!”




Hi Joyce, everything is going so great! Griffin and I just got back from a couple hours at the park with my best friend and her puppy Delihlia. Griffin had so much fun running around and playing with her, we can already tell they’re gonna be best friends too. He’s so tired now he’s taking a nap as i’m typing this. He’s been so good with everyone we’ve met on our trips to the pet stores and such (he’s just so cute that people just can’t help but come see him).I cant believe how well he is adjusting he hasn’t cried at all at night and has only had a few accidents in the house. I would just like to thank you for him he is the best puppy anyone could ask for. I am so impressed with how great a job you do and how much time and effort you put in to breeding these great puppies, I gave your information to a family friend who is thinking about getting another dog next summer so hopefully she will eventually be in contact. I hope you and the rest of the puppies are doing great

Love Kelsey and Griffin




Dear Joyce,

Hi. Here is a picture of Percy with his new summer haircut. We think

he looks adorable. He is doing well (happy and healthy). He is done

with all his vet visits for a while until July 21. That is when he is

scheduled for neutering. He is such a great dog (personality and

looks) I almost feel guilty sterilizing him. He would probably make

some fine puppies, but I know it is for the best

Regards, Henry Schaumburger



Hi Joyce,

It has been one week with Shelly (now Zoey) and I can not believe what a wonderful puppy she is! I am thrilled at what a **fabulous** job you did crate training…she goes into her crate at bedtime and patiently waits for me to take her out in the morning when I get up around 5:30 (I can tell she is awake before that but she plays quietly without crying for me). I can’t imagine what i would have done if I had to train her!

In the morning, she goes outside right away to “potty” and then again after breakfast. The family then goes to work and we leave her alone for about 5 hours in her play area with paper down. She did use the paper a few times the first couple days, but now, at only 11 weeks old, she is exclusively going to the bathroom outside! I didn’t think her bladder would be able to wait that long but she does it! I always have paper down just in case, but she has not used it since Monday.

Also, she has transitioned well to her new food without any difficulty; today she will be exclusively on her “new” food (yesterday she only had a couple pieces of her old food mixed in with the new).

And Joyce, you would not believe how very bright she is!! On Monday I taught her how to Sit, and then on Thursday and Friday I taught her Down, and she completely lays down! I have never owned a dog and am so impressed with her speed of learning! And she is excited to do it (of course the kibble rewards help!)

Zoey is an absolute love and enjoys tummy rubs. Because she was raised with you in a home environment, she is not spooked by the washing machine, vacuum, or ANYTHING else. She is perfect! She is still a lot of work  but perfect.

THANK YOU again for being such a great breeder and for making my experience with my first puppy so wonderful! Including answering all of my nervous questions beforehand!

Thanks again!





Hi Joyce,

Thanks for call this a.m. We did not bring her to the soccer game. Steve and Sarah took her home to settle in and Jake and I went to his game. She seems really content. We put one of her blankets in our kitchen and she likes to hang out there with her chew toy while we all wander around her. She has spend most of today in someone’s lap and fell asleep for an hour curled up next to Sarah. I thinks she’s happy!!!! I took her for a little walk but she wasn’t very interested. She pulled me right back home, ran into our backyard and pooped. Could she really know that the yard is hers and that’s where she goes to the bathroom already? If so, she is incredibly smart. I was holding her and she whined so I put her right down and she went. She’s meeting her human cousins this afternoon, so she should be good and exhausted tonight!

Be well and I’ll be in touch. Jen Hope you enjoyed the Patriots game. It certainly was a gorgeous day for being outdoors.

Thanks for your call. I didn’t want to bother you but wanted you to know Nutmeg is adorable. She whimpered for a short time last night but slept through until our normal wakening time of 5:30 AM. She wants to be Wrigley’s friend and tries following him all over. He is timid and petrified of this new object in his house and cowers when she comes near. We tried walking with them which Nutmeg handled very well yet Wrigley tried to walk ahead to be away from her. I hope we can get them to be good friends.

Nutmeg also uses the paper quite well. Yes, I agree with your name of pocket pal. She loved being in my shirt while preparing a meal, doing laundry or doing anything for that matter.

It was so fun to be receiving a pup along with the other families. I especially enjoyed watching the children upon meeting the new addition to their family and the young couple who took Martin (Quentin). We appreciate the love you gave the pups—it was quite obvious.

Thanks again…Nancy He’s doing great we absolutely LOVE him. He’s so sweet. He’s peed and poop outside for me every time, sleeps thru the night. I have your paperwork for one of the other dogs. I gave it to Nancy she going to bring it on Sat. she also will be picking up Rykers paperwork

for us .We are so lucky to have him thank you soooooo much !! Nicole postedsomething on your Wall and wrote:

“I have come to the conclusion that Jackson is seriously super puppy…not one accident yet! I can’t believe it, and he tells me when he wants to go out…he is doing fabulous, I am nervous about going back to work, because I have separation anxiety from him! You really did a great job with him, my mom is already sold, and I’m sure you will hear from her soon !Pamela posted something on your Wall and wrote:

“Merry Christmas. We had a wonderful Christmas with Indy. He is a great puppy and the whole family loves him. We finally have him trained to go to the bathroom ONLY outside. It took awhile but he finally got it. He is actually quite a smart dog and has such a pleasant temperment. Thank you for raising such wonderful puppies!









“I wish we had gotten 2 when we got Bailey (Jenny). She’d love a friend…

She is doing very well. Just had her 1 yr check up (15.3 pounds…I thought she was 20, but apparently our scale is 5+ over). She is so sweet and lovable. The vet was impressed with her sweet disposition. “

“I am just in love with her. LOL So sweet! Joyce can you believe how light she got. No more black curls. She is just a doll always sitting on my lap and kissing me. Thanks for being such a great breeder! A**”


Hey Joyce, hope all is well your way. I figured I would update you on Gatsby FKA Chester. He is doing great. Most importantly, the vet says he is a very healthy puppy and has a great demeanor from what he sees. There was no issues with his UTI so the pills your vet prescribed work very well. I will be scheduling an appointment sometime next month for him to get neutered as he is rapidly approaching 6 months. Time flies! His teeth seem to be coming in with no issues and he is doing plenty of chewing. He was 15 pounds the other day but looks bigger with all his fluffy hair. I decided not to trim his coat as his colors are so beautiful and he constantly gets compliments on it. (even at the park the other day, a lady could not get over his coat and colors and insists she wants to paint him sometime) The tips of his hair are black and Grey in a lot of spots and I don’t want to lose them. Most of the day, he is inside on the cool tile floor with the central air on and I always make sure he has plenty of water when we are outside in the humid air.

As far as behavior goes, I would say he is doing pretty well. Unfortunately, I have not been able to commit to an obedience class yet but anticipate doing so when the time is right. For now, he does well with the commands I have taught him on my own. We go to the park up the road everyday to walk and see the other dogs. He does enjoy it very much when we take the ride to the real dog park where they have a section separate for smaller dogs. Gatsby plays very well with other dogs. His feeding schedule is twice a day and typically about a half of cup of food for each serving. Does this seem about right? He eats it so quickly, he makes me feel like it is not enough. He is very treat driven so that is also part of his diet. Most of the time it is a small piece of puppy milkbone but he still loves his pieces of carrots, bananas, and a dollop of plain yogurt every now and then. Well to sum it all up, I am very very happy with my puppy and he is treated very well without being spoiled. I constantly think about getting another puppy for him but I think I can wait till he is a little older and I have him completely trained. Thanks for everything Joyce!! Not sure if you hear it enough but you did a wonderful job!!


He looks so much like his handsome dad Ringo

“Lexington looks a lot like Franklin. Franklin also likes to ride in the boat and in the canoe. He likes to swim in the lake and even goes in by himself if no one else is swimming. He is such a wonderful companion. He loves most of the neighborhood dogs and thinks he is a big dog.I do have a hard time keeping him clean. He likes to roll in the sand, the grass and any other things he finds. His one fault is that he doesn’t always come when I call him unless he feels like it. I am sure that is my fault and I should take him for training. I thank you every day for him.”



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